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     Born in Pontevedra (Spain) and studied at Conservatorio Superior de Música of Vigo (Spain), Real Conservatorio Superior de Música of Madrid (Spain) and the Zuid-Nederlandse Hogeschool voor Muziek (Maastricht, Netherlands).

     He started studying orchestral conducting with James Ross (USA) and Marcel van Bree (Netherlands) in 1997. In 2002 he graduated in the ISEB (European Institute for Band) in Trento (Italy) with teachers Jan Cober, Felix Hauswirth, Carlo Pirola, Francesco Canizzaro and Armando Franceschini.

     In that same year he conducted the music-theater work The Soldier’s Tale with music by I. Stravinsky and text by F. Ramuz thus leading to the creation of «ENSEMBLE XXI» composed by professors of the Conservatorio Superior de Música of Vigo. Between 2001 and 2005 he studied at the Zuid-Netherlandse Hogeschool voor Muziek de Maastricht (Holland), Master on Wind Orchestral Conducting (2003) with maestro Jan Cober (Holland) and Master on Symphonic Orchestral Conducting (2005) with maestros Jan Stulen (Holland) and Edmond Saveniers (Belgium), having done his Graduation Exam at the Hystek Willem Zaal (Conservatorium Maastricht) conducting the Arka Symfonie Orkest. He has also studied orchestral conducting with maestros Josep Pons (Spain) and Ernst Schelle (Switzerland).

     He has participated as guest conductor with Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia (Spain), Orquesta Ciudad de Granada (Spain), the Arka Symfonie Orkest (Maastricht, the Netherlands), the Symphony Orchestra of the Escola Proffisional de Música of Viana do Castelo (Portugal), the String Orchestra of the Erasmus- Mundus Project (Trento-Italy 2010), the Municipal Band of La Coruña and the Municipal Band of Santiago de Compostela.

     Between 2003 and 2008 he conducted the Orchestra at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Vigo (Spain). Since 2007 he has conducted the Symphonic Orchestra of the Escola Proffisional de Música of Viana do Castelo having premiered works by contemporary Portuguese composers such as Cándido Lima, Pedro Santos, Vasco Negreiros, etc. and contributed regularly to the disclosure of the great Portuguese composers of the Twentieth Century as Luis de Freitas Branco, Federico de Freitas or Joly Braga Santos.

     Since 2006 he has conducted the Orchestra Filharmónica Cidade de Pontevedra (OFCP), with which he has carried out an intense activity in the symphonic repertoire between Spain and Portugal.

     He has conducted, in collaboration with the Choir of the Galicia Symphony Orchestra, the Choir «Orfeón Terra a Nosa» of Santiago de Compostela, the Choir of the Academy of Music in Viana do Castelo (Portugal), Vigo University Choir and the Choir of the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal), various works of symphonic-choral repertoire as «Requiem K. 626 » by W. A. Mozart, «Requiem, Op 48» by G. Fauré, «Requiem» and “Magnificat” by J. Rutter, «Mass in D Major, Op 86» by A. Dvorak, «Gloria» by F. Poulenc, «Gloria, KV 589» by A. Vivaldi, «Magnificat, BWV 243», «Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248» by J. S. Bach, «Messiah, HWV 56» by G. F. Handel, «Misa Tango» by L. Bacalov, «Stabat Mater» by G. B. Pergolesi, «Coronation Mass, KV 317» by W. A. Mozart, «Symphony No. 9, Op 125» by L. van Beethoven, etc..

     He has conducted to soloists such as Alessio Allegrini (horn), Esteban Batallán (trumpet), Fritz Damrow (trumpet), Tonie Ehlen (piano), Victor Rodriguez (piano), Yuri Popov (piano), Alejo Amoedo (piano), Nicasio Gradaille (piano), Constantino Pérez (piano), Severino Ortiz (piano), Leon Buche (piano), Shen Lu (piano), Nicolai Saratovsky (piano), Javier Ares (piano), Luis Pipa (piano), Sergey Aroutunyan (violin), Marta Vélez (violin), Sergio Heredia (violin), Jed Barahal (violoncello), Cristina Nogueira (violoncello), Ramón Carnota (guitar), Vicente Alberola (clarinet), Javier Vidal (clarinet), Teresa Novoa (soprano), Carla Caramujo (soprano), Ana María Pinto (soprano), Ana Barros (soprano), Ana Sofía Vintena (soprano), Patricia Quinta (mezzosoprano), Sara Amorim (contralto), Vitor Lima (countertenor), José Lourenço (tenor), Joao Terleira (tenor), Sergio Ramos (baritone), Job Tomé (baritone), Hércules Brass, etc.

     Since 2007 he has conducting the «FAM Ensemble» composed by professors of the Escola Profissional de Música of Viana do Castelo (Portugal), with whom he has performed several world premieres by Portuguese composers such as Fernando Lapa, Pedro Faría, Sergio Azevedo, etc..

     In 2012 he conducted the ballet «The Nutcracker» (Tchaikovsky) in collaboration with the Galician Choreographic Centre (Santiago de Compostela, Spain). In recent years, he has imparted various courses in Musical Conducting at the Music Faculty of Universidade do Minho (Braga, Portugal), Instituto Piaget (Viseu, Portugal), and the Superior Conservatory of Music at Vigo (Spain).

    At present, he conducts the Orquestra Filharmónica Cidade de Pontevedra, the Arte Sinfónica Orchestra (Symphony Orchestra of the Escola Profissional de Música of Viana do Castelo, Portugal), the Teacher’s Ensemble of the Composition Workshop at Conservatory of Music of Vigo (Spain) and is Principal Teacher of Conducting at European Academy for Wind Band (Fornos de Algodres, Portugal). He is student of a Doctoral Program (Orchestral Conducting specialty) at the Departament of Comunication and Art of the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal).

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